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CFLA Students Rock the FCAT!

June 8, 2012

On FCAT scores received this week, we are proud to announce that in 5 of the 7 categories tested, our student averages beat the District and in most instances also beat statewide averages.

Our outstanding 6th graders lead the way, scoring a 70% in Reading, compared to the District and State average of 57%.

Our 7th graders did well in Math, scoring a 59%, compared to the District and State average of 56%

Our 8th graders significantly outpaced the District and State in Science, scoring a 54%, compared to the District and State averages of 45% and 46%.

Our students scored higher averages in multiple categories than the surrounding area middle schools such as Glenridge, Conway, Howard and Jackson.

This state applied a different scoring rubric this year, applying tougher standards and making comparisons to prior scores difficult. The State was able to provide us learning gain information for 90 of our 124 students. This data showed that 60% of our students made learning gains of more than 10 DSS points in one or more of the tested subjects, a very significant learning gain.

Congratulations to our CFLA students and faculty on a job well done!