CFLA faculty and staff competed throughout the month of October in the annual “Staschtober” event.  The competition was fierce.  Even students tried to get in on the contest…

…but were declared ineligible.

Ms. D’Angelo entered on behalf of the female faculty and made a strong literary case, sending the following poem to the students:

“The Lady and the Stache”
There once was a time that I was ashamed
How could this mangled hair above my lip be tamed?
I knew I was different… so what did I do?
I shaved every night, morning, and noon!
I kept my secret safe for so many years
To avoid teasing and taunting – the worst of my fears!
But then one day, I knew it was time…
CFLA gave me the courage to finally show:
I, too, have a mustache, if I let it grow!!
Still sometimes I shy, and shave it off clean
Plus, if I win, I kinda feel mean….
For Mr. Lambert he lives for none other than this
I couldn’t take the title of champion out of his bliss.
And Mr. Richardson, oh dear… we know how he’s tried
And succeeded to grow, but forgot to have it dyed! (see those grays?!…)
Mr. Fuhler gave up, a “quitter” if you will….
And Mr. Wimmer’s poor stache looks a tad bit ill.
Mr. Marshall has never let a hair linger this long!
You know that secretly he’s wanted it GONE!
So cast your votes out of sympathy, please
But NOT for the girl who had a mustache disease!
For the men who need an ego boost
For the wonderful stache’s they’ve all produced.
-Ms. D’Angelo
And the student-voted Winner:


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