Environmental Science Class Creates a Community Garden

Under the leadership of teacher Catherine Perez, the Environmental Science Class spent the last few weeks of school creating a fabulous garden, producing amazingly beautiful flowers and abundant vegetables (now feeding the staff  and beautifying the school over the summer).


Spring Happenings at CFLA

Sixth Graders finish out a social studies unit with “Greek Fest,” a celebration of ancient Greek dress, music and food.

Seniors practice their soliloquies and prepare for graduation.


And Ms. Casebolt leads an after-school yoga class for student who want to relax, energize or recenter.


Family Discovery Day is a Huge Success

CFLA Hyde Orlando’s Fall Family Discovery Day was a great event this year.  Families spent time together having fun and talking about what mattered most to their families.  It was a morning dedicated to strengthening our families and our community that began with breakfast treats.


Parents then spent time with Principal Joanne Goubourn, while students created cards of thanks for a member of their family.


Next came family fun, with families “competing” in basketball, cup-stacking, giant sled and helium sticks.

Families then discussed values important to their families and created magnets featuring their family motto.  Finally, the morning ended with a delicious barbeque provided by CFLA Dad, Mr. Quincy Adams.


It was a morning filled with love, laughter and growth!!