Bowling Team Scores Big!!

In its second year of Bowling, the Leadership Academy Men’s Bowling team, led by top bowler Liem Vo, beat Edgewater High School (a school more than 15 times the size of the CFLA High School).  Congratulations to both Men’s and Women’s Bowling teams, who are enjoying a great season.



The inaugural CFLA wrestling team traveled to Manatee County for the school’s first ever wrestling competition.  The team squared off against wrestlers from several schools who were both more experienced and older than the CFLA team members.  Undaunted, the intrepid wrestling Eagles  gave stellar performances, including WINS by Joe Kraft and T.J. McFarland.  Congratulations to Coach Lewis and the entire team, which has been training hard for several weeks to get ready for the season.  To see the team in action, visit the “Current Parents/Students” page on the website for the complete schedule.