Hispanic Heritage Festival!

CFLA: Hyde Orlando students celebrate the arrival of Fall with food, music, fun and some fabulous familty time together at the Hispanic Heritage Festival, presented by Ms. Rodriguez’ Spanish language classes.


Environmental Science Class Creates a Community Garden

Under the leadership of teacher Catherine Perez, the Environmental Science Class spent the last few weeks of school creating a fabulous garden, producing amazingly beautiful flowers and abundant vegetables (now feeding the staff  and beautifying the school over the summer).

New School Leader Joanne Goubourn Joins CFLA

Joanne Goubourn

In its seventh year of operation, the Leadership Academy welcomes new school leader Joanne Goubourn. For the past eight years, Mrs. Goubourn has been the Executive Director of the Hyde Foundation, which oversees all of the Hyde public schools, and will continue to lead the Hyde Foundation from Orlando.  She has 28 years of educational experience, including the Principalship of the Hyde Leadership Charter School in Bronx, New York.  She has her B.A. from Wellesley College in Massachusetts, her Masters Degree from American International University, a graduate certificate in Educational Leadership from Connecticut Southern State University and has completed her doctoral coursework at Howard University.

Mrs. Goubourn’s first year goal is to improve the level of excellence in the delivery of the academic curriculum while maintaining the school’s strong commitment to incorporating character development in every part of the school day.  Mrs. Goubourn is excited to start the year with a strong team of both new and returning faculty and staff, each of whom is dedicated to helping each student discover and develop his or her unique potential.

The students and families of the Leadership Academy are excited to welcome Mrs. Goubourn!!